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Heart Shaped Amethyst Crystal. Heart Shaped Gift Box. Reiki Charged by Reiki Master

Heart Shaped Amethyst Crystal. Heart Shaped Gift Box. Reiki Charged by Reiki Master

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Amethyst Love Heart Shaped. Beautiful.

Ideal for loved ones.

Approx Size Of Crystal: 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm

Presented in Black Gift Box 7.5 x 7 x 4 cm
Similar to image shown

Amethyst is a powerful healer and protector.
Excellent for meditation.

Enhances feeling of contentment, and a connection to one's spirituality. Sedative, protective.
Stone of peace and strength. It enhances psychic ability and spiritual awareness.

If you would like to program your crystal it is very easy.

1. Find a good feeling thought/emotion.... (that you feel in your heart centre, not just in your mind).
Ideally remember the good feeling of a place or pet (rather than a person).
2. Wash crystal in good clean water and dry in the sunshine or moonlight.
3. Find your good feeling emotion from your heart centre again.
4. Hum sound, any sound/s which feel right to you. Slightly change the sounds you make until you can feel a slight vibration in your fingers and in the crystal.
Please note that the sound does not have to be in tune. The vibration may be very subtle and hard to feel at first. So after a few minutes only, if you cannot feel anything - then intend that it vibrates. Remember! Only positive, good feelings while programming your crystal.
5. As the crystal vibrates to your own vocal sound. Intend your higher vibrational feeling be held in the crystal. Or program it any way that will aid your highest self.
6. That's it done. The vibration is held within the crystal for you to access.

Amethyst occurs in primary hues from light pink/violet to deep purple. Crystal habit: 6-sided prism ending in 6-sided pyramid (typical)

Hardness : 7 (or lower)

Amethyst is composed of an irregular superposition of alternate lamellae of right-handed and left-handed quartz

Amethyst is the violet variety of quartz; its chemical formula is SiO2. Amethyst forms beautiful crystals inside volcanic lava bubbles known as "geodes". Due to it's beautiful colour, Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones. The ancient Greeks believed Amethyst prevented drunkenness. Commonly from Brazil.

Reiki Cleansed and Charged by Reiki Master.

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